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This wig is the best

It is very soft, long and flowing. I love everything about it

I give this hair 5 stars

This hair is so good I love ite??��e??��the hair doesna??t shed at all. It holds curls very good I would continue shopping from the company

Great Product for the price

Love this steamer, , the amount, coverage , and pressure of the steam is perfect for facial streaming. It's so easy to use

facial steamer

this product is awesome. i use to steam in the shower but my kids always fights and make a huge mess so now i can sit where they r and use this. ????


Great for its price

Laser Hair Removal at Home

This IPL device is super simple to use and comes with clear, easy to follow instructions. I love that it comes with glasses to protect your eyes. The size of the device makes it easy to hold and navigate over your body. It only takes a couple of minutes to go over smaller areas like underarms. I was quite impressed by the cooling feature, it really helped to make it painless and prevented the device from burning. After a few uses, I??ve already noticed that my hair doesn??t grow back as thick or as quickly as it used to.

Happy woman ??

Hard to tell the long-term effects but so far so good.Inside this product you will find The charger the gun itself it also comes with directions, glasses to protect your eyes, and a one blade razor. The booklet is thick and thorough, easy to understand, No broken English, and straightforward. I like the fact that they give you everything to get started and they tell you what to expect, how it will feel, how often, and how long you should expect to use it. It's got a much larger field for burning off larger portions of hair than many of the others on the market in this price range.I especially like the digital display as it makes it much easier to set your hair color and strength of treatment.I would recommend getting some sort of aftershave or body lotion for after treatment. It is painless but it can irritate the skin. I noticed after my second treatment that some aftershave is necessary.I've only been using the product for a little over a week but overall I would say I'm pretty happy with it. I will update with pictures on my treatment progress andd update the review accordingly.I hope the hair go way ??

Very Nice

Good for when your on the go and dont have time to do much with your hair.

Worth it

Came in perfect, it tangles easy after a day of wearing. Cute head band and the clips are enough to hold. Packaging to put back in

Great for my skin.

I use this brush before and after I shave. It does a great job of preparing my skin and relaxing it after the shave. It is also ergonomicly very nice and easy to use.

Claire Beauty Electric Foot Care Leg Heels Remove Dead Skin Machine
Diane E.
Does the job quick!

Great product! I like that it comes with white rollers. I've tried a dremel, sand paper, and a black emery board. The black emery board would leave black on some parts of my feet. Does the job quick, doesn't turn off while using it.

Quality feel /Good Price/ NO WARRANTY

I haven't purchased new clippers in 20 years so I was a bit overwhelmed by all the choices online. I'm a novice user myself since COVID 19. I'd simply chalk it up as just one more of my hair brain experiences gone wrong. Until next time--- Go out there and Clip a Great Deal :)

convenience stool

I love this product for women. It��s help me a lot, save time to go to laser place and save money also. So far it work really good. Hope the hair don��t come back. I just hope I come back less that a big work already. I tried on my underarms twice, and still excited for the third time. Easy to use and cute

So convenient and easy to wear!

This headband wig is so cute and convenient, you can just put it on and go, no fuss! I also liked that the company added this cute leopard hairband in the package as well as a wide-tooth comb. It comes with a velcro strap which allows you to fit the wig to your head, no more headaches from tight wigs!

One of the Best Wigs

18 inch!This has been one of the best wigs that Ia??ve brought.No funny smell, full, and very little shedding. I wouldDefinitely purchase another wig from this company.

Claire Beauty Electric Foot Care Leg Heels Remove Dead Skin Machine
T. Sokolov
Great tool..highly effective and easy to use...

I began hiking and noticed dry skin forming on the soles of my feet...this little tool is magic...i use the smooth wheel to take the dry layers off...make sure to use it only in one direction so that you dont tear healthy skin...i also recommend doing a soak prior...drying off and then use the it daily until you see an improvement...

Great hair clippers!

Solid metal. Not some cheap crap that will break in a few weeks. The charge seems to last a long time. Definitely worth the money!


I find that this is very easy to use. The automatic mode is great for larger areas such as lower legs. I have not experienced any pain using this either, even in the highest setting. I love it


Wig is so beautifulFull of texture and softI will buy another

Wow Factor!

My Husband Loved this. He tends to have oily Skin and Larger Pores, this is perfect for him. It works on me too but not as well.


I buy it for my daughter. My daughter always wanted to have mine, so I decided to buy one for her. My daughter say she love this. It was very easy to clean. And It also was very easy to set up. She has been using it for more than 7 days and she is very satisfied.

nice product for the price

i lost my walh trimmer (with nose trimmer) which i bought from tj max during christmas to the toilet......walh was a good product when i got it on sale. This bear trimmer set is great. I havent used it on my hair. but it works very nicely with my nose hairs and beard. also great for pubic hair if you do manscaping. overall a good product.

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